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Thread: The huge flaw in this otherwise good game, that's gotten me stuck

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    The huge flaw in this otherwise good game, that's gotten me stuck

    I got up to a mini boss in The Shattered Forge, used up all my potions during the fight, died, came back, have no more potions. So.. someone on the dev team thought that when the player can't beat something even after using their potions, when they come back, they shouldn't have any potions left? You couldn't beat it before, now try it again without the ability to heal! That sounds reasonable!

    But I thought that all was not lost, because I could buy potions at Vulgrim's shop. A bit a hassle but ultimately not a really big deal. However, I'm there right now and there's no potions for sale, despite the tab being labeled "Potions"...
    So I can't do that, therefore I am stuck.
    Well, I suppose I could play for hours and hours, just killing random enemies and very slowly leveling up until I have enough skills to possibly beat that guy without losing too much health... (and since you respawn with hardly any health, that's quite an issue) but that's so dumb, boring, would take forever and I shouldn't have to do that!

    Respawning with hardly any health is fine, as there should be a penalty for death. Like in Zelda, when you die, you come back with only 3 hearts filled, regardless of how many you have in total. But in that, you can go back into old rooms and kill enemies for hearts, or for rupees to buy hearts and potions. But since I can't buy any in Darksiders 2, I have to settle for enemies dropping them... which, at least so far, has been an extremely rare occurrence. So who knows how long I'd be searching for them for.. and even when I have the maximum amount of potions I can carry, who's to say that I wont fail again and then have to go through the same boring process all over again? I suppose I could pause and quit just before dying but that's only if I notice and do it in time and I shoudn't have to do that anyway. Plus, that's like cheating.

    If I even keep playing this game (and that's a big if), I'm going to be afraid to use any potions in case I really need them later on, making it harder to get past areas that wouldn't be that difficult if I knew I could use a potion. But it's not even a strategic move you can make, it's just because there is a gaping flaw in the game. I don't know how it made it through development, didn't get patched later, didn't get fixed before the release of the Deathiniitive edition and still hasn't been patched now.

    This has killed almost all interest I had in playing the game.
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    1)In the Forge Lands Muria(the shaman) sell potions not Vulgrim

    2)What level are you maybe you are underlevel for that quest

    3)What skills you use Harbiger or Necromancer?

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